I want to speak directly to and about the fans who have supported my project and every step of this journey since the beginning in 2005. You know who you are! Many are law enforcement, first responders, firemen and women, and of course military personnel. Others are simply loyal, dedicated Americans who are strongly patriotic and supportive of our military and have a very special understanding of what inspired this project, the story of why and how it happened, and what it represents. In other words, “you get it.” I cannot thank you enough for your encouragement, letters, emails, gifts, and help along the way. It is rare that a day goes by where I don’t think about all of you in some way. This project is FAR MORE than calendars of sexy pictures, and for those of you who understand that, I am expressing my deepest gratitude for your support. The pictures are the easy part. They are simply a vehicle for the true message and purpose of my calendars, which is to HONOR our men and women in uniform and their families, who risk and sacrifice so much, to bring awareness and donations to important veteran’s causes, and last but not least to spread a little bit of positive humor, fun, hope and relief in a world that could surely use it now more than ever. These calendars are NOT a political statement, it is simply my own personal effort to have a positive impact on the people, community and world around me using the work and tools I have at my disposal. If a pinup picture is what gets that message across, then a pinup picture is what you get! I hope you enjoy the calendars, my story, and the photos of my journey with it over all these years….
-Cathy XOXO

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