Throughout my career, I’ve followed a simple philosophy – Follow your dreams, put in the work, don’t let fear hold you back, and lift up those around you along the way. I strongly believe success is meaningless if we aren’t using it to give back. In a world that needs compassion and teamwork more than ever, this is a deeply personal commitment I take very seriously.

This philosophy became very real to me eighteen years ago, when, through some incredible circumstances, I embarked on a journey that led to the creation of a pinup calendar project to raise money for smaller, grass roots charities that focused on mental health support, suicide prevention and awareness, as well as financial help for the families of Veteran’s. It has been the most rewarding work I’ve done, affording me the opportunity and honor to learn so much from the amazing and selfless people I’ve met along the way. This experience has had an enormous impact on how I view and approach my career.

Although I retired my calendar project in 2021, I’ve continued to donate to, and work with, my preferred Veteran’s charities, as well as always seeking out other opportunities and projects that allow me to use my work to contribute in other areas, such as raising money for children in need, kids with serious or terminal illnesses, adults and kids with physical and mental disabilities, and animal rescue. Through this process, I’ve worked with both corporate and charity partners who are absolute heroes in our communities. Together we’ve packed school supply kits, filled hope bags with basic necessities, held small group job coaching and given underprivileged students access to music and art.

By sharing my story, I hope it inspires and motivates others to pay it forward, and in the process, it means a great deal to me knowing the work we do makes a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

To read the full story and history of how my journey with my Calendar Project began, as well as information about the charities I support – Click HERE. You can also make your own donations through the links provided – no amount is too small!

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