“I have been doing this pin-up thing for 40 years. I have seen just about all there is to see, including knowing many of the artists, AND many of their models. Any of those artists would have been overjoyed to know Cathy much less paint her.  Since my books came out, so many art directors, models and artists have tried to do what she is doing and 99% of the results are laughable. Cathy is the real All American Girl the great artists portrayed in the 50’s.”
-Author and Pin-Up Expert Louis K. Meisel, 2012


Since 2009, Cathy has raised over $30,000 for Veterans causes through the self-funded production of her Pinup Charity Calendars, which have been endorsed by the world’s foremost expert on Vintage Pinup, Louis K. Meisel, who ultimately collaborated with Cathy on her final 2019 calendar. Overall, the project encompassed a collection of 4 annual calendars and one Poster, with money being donated to various charities over the years including New England Warrior, the Marine Corps Scholarship Fund, and 22Kill.

The calendar was retired in 2020, but with fans asking for another year, Cathy decided to do something new and different for 2021. Instead of the traditional calendar, she has received permission to release three new poster calendars of her most popular images.

First, is the most requested photo from all the calendars, the iconic 1970’s poster recreation of Cathy as Farrah Fawcett. For years, people have been asking for this, and finally it is being made available!

Second, is the brand new, 2020 15-year Anniversary Edition of the famous Dillon Ford GT picture that inspired the calendar project. This eye-catching update to the original has never been released as a poster, and was produced just this year for the May Cover of Dillon’s Blue Press Magazine.

Finally, Cathy is printing a LIMITED quantity of the ORIGINAL 2004 Dillon poster that circulated worldwide and made national news. This is a rare re-release of the famous limited- edition print that so many fans have loved for years. Many people missed out when it was first released, because it sold out so fast. Now, the fans have another chance to add this to their collection!

Cathy is thrilled to bring all 3 of these images to life as full sized, 18 x 24 posters. As always, she will donate a portion of proceeds to several military charities she is personally inspired to support.

If you don’t know the story behind the Charity Calendar, click here to read the incredible circumstances that led to the entire project and how it evolved.

In the 1970’s, Louis K. Meisel and fellow collector Charles Martignette began documenting and collecting the work of the most widely recognized Pin-Up painters of the early to mid-20th Century. In the mid 90’s, they wrote and published The Great American Pin-Up with Taschen Publishing. With over 20 years of research behind it, this comprehensive book included the history of 72 artists and over 900 of their illustrations. It is THE document on the genre. To this day, Louis owns one of the most substantial collections of Pin-Up Art that exists, as much of it is hard to find. The authors went on to publish more books, including The Complete Paintings (500) of Gil Elvgren, the world’s leading artist of all time in the Pin-Up style. It is from these books that Cathy Rankin has selected images to portray herself as the live pinup model, bringing the artwork and characters to life.

For more information or to order any of the amazing books written by Louis K. Meisel, visit  www.MeiselGallery.com publications or Amazon.


Cathy met Matt Nelson, and his father and Retired Marine, Dwight Nelson, in 2005 when they contacted her to help promote their New England Warrior charity which raised money for various veteran causes including the Marine Corps Scholarship Fund. At the time, Matt was serving overseas as a Marine Scout Sniper and was featured on the National news for saving the life of a young girl in Iraq who was caught in the crossfire during an enemy ambush. Matt’s heroic effort was just a small part of his service, and something for which he wants no special recognition, as he humbly insists it was just part of his duty. But, during his service in Afghanistan and Iraq, Matt lost 11 fellow veterans and friends from his unit, and this was one of several factors that personally inspired Cathy to produce her first calendar in order to help honor our troops, as well as raise money specifically for New England Warrior and the Marine Corps Scholarship Fund. Over $24,000 was raised and donated through Cathy’s calendar project, with the money going to efforts that supported Marine families in need, as well as annual wreaths for the graves of fallen soldiers, and supplies for units still overseas. Matt retired from his service, and now works (still serving others!) with the Fire Department in his hometown in Massachusetts, while also working as Executive Director for the Boston office of 22Kill. Through the years, Cathy stayed in touch with Matt, and when she learned of the work that he was doing with 22Kill, she knew that this was the cause that she wanted to help support with one more calendar.


Cathy donates a portion of all her calendar and poster sales to multiple charities, choosing to focus on smaller, grass roots organizations that do important work but need more help in growing, gaining awareness, and securing sponsors for their goals. These are charities she has personally met and worked with in the past or currently. Through your purchases, these charities will receive donations and exposure. Please feel free to visit their sites and donate directly or become involved if you connect to their missions, or you can donate to many other charities across the country that are doing similar, critical work. Thank you for your support, and no matter what charities you personally donate to, just continue to help in whatever way you can, together we ALL can make a difference!

Outlaw Desert Racing:
Outlaw Desert Racing is a 501c(3) charity based in the Southwest that was founded by Veterans with the mission of preventing Veteran Suicide through Adrenaline Therapy Programs. The most challenging issue Veterans and First Responders face is reintegrating back into civilian life, particularly for combat veterans who have witnessed the brutal environments of war. Outlaw Desert Racing reaches out to these heroes in need through off-road desert racing programs in order to re-create a sense of purpose, camaraderie and teamwork. Team members are placed in race vehicles with a navigator in a no pressure, but adrenaline filled environment where they can accomplish specific goals and navigate the desert race courses, while developing peer relationships that provide a safe place to open up and communicate about the issues they are feeling and facing without judgement. The goal is to eliminate the 22-A-Day epidemic that is plaguing our Veteran Community. For more information about donating or sponsoring, or if you are a veteran that would like to reach out for help or resources, please visit www.outlawdesertracing.com

HeartStrings Foundation:
The mission of the HeartStrings Foundation is simple: Healing Hearts with the Power of Music. This 501c(3) charity provides guitars to Music Therapy Programs with a focus on Military, First Responders and Children’s Hospitals. The idea was born from the concept that there are Six strings on a guitar… 5 strings represent the 5 branches of the Military, while the 6th string is the Heartstring, or the loved ones of those service members. The primary goal is to bring families back together through the power of music. For more information, visit www.heartstringsfoundation.org

22Kill works to raise awareness about the Veteran Suicide Epidemic that is plaguing our country. The charity engages in programs to educate the public on PTS and other mental health issues that so many in the military community battle after serving in combat. They also partner with other organizations to provide a variety of both traditional and non-traditional therapies, programs and resources for those in need of help in dealing with mental and physical issues. The primary focus is to prevent suicide through empowerment. For more information, visit www.22kill.com


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